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Honolulu's dining scene is rich and reflects the diverse culture of the islands. Jack and May love taking friends to their go-to spots and sharing their favorite dishes, as well as trying what's new in town! 
Read more for their restaurant picks in Honolulu.
Fruits and Nuts Yogurt
  • Orchid's  - Fresh food in an elegant setting. Halekulani Hotel in Waikiki. Open for breakfast Monday - Saturday, and our favorite Sunday Brunch. Call 923-2311 for a dining reservation.

  • Tango Contemporary Cafe - Inspired by Scandinavian and Asian flavors. Ground floor of Hokua in East Kakaʻako. Open for Saturday and Sunday Brunch - arrive early! Walk-in or reservations for parties over 6. Call 593-7288 for more information.

  • Panya Bistro - Southeast Asian comfort food with a great bakery. Ground floor of Hokua in East Kakaʻako. Walk-in or online reservations are recommended. Open Tuesdays through Sundays, closed on Mondays.

  • Kalapawai Cafe - Great for casual or on-the-go breakfast. Various locations in Kailua, Waimanalo, and Kapolei, hours vary. 

  • Eggs & Things - Casual and popular breakfast and brunch. Ala Moana location. Open for breakfast and brunch daily. Highly recommend online reservations or getting on the waitlist.

  • Plumeria Beach House - Enjoy open-air dining in a beautiful setting. Kahala Hotel, Call 739-8620 for dining reservations. Breakfast buffet and ala carte are available daily.

  • 53 By the Sea - One of the most iconic dining experiences in Kakaʻako, the menu features the finest seafood and meats combined with locally grown ingredients. Open for weekend brunch. Call 536-5353 for dining reservations.

  • Piggy Smalls - Hip restaurant inspired by Vietnamese flavors. Great for an early lunch - available weekends only. Open for walk-in or reservations recommended.

  • Bogart's Cafe - Longtime favorite for casual breakfast. Great after a swim in the ocean or walk at Kapiolani Park. Open daily for walk-ins.

  • Mud Hen Water - Local ingredients with a modern twist in a hip setting. Brunch on Sundays only. Visit website for online reservations.

夏威夷人類社會PETBLOCK PAINA 2019的“情侶按摩”
Eating Lunch

傑克·泰瑞爾公司(Jack Tyrrell&Company)和雷尼·巴克霍恩慈善基金會(Rainee Barkhorn Charitable Foundation)很高興再次支持夏威夷人道協會(Hawaiian Humane Society)的2019年PetBlock Paina作“包裝領袖”贊助商!進入第29年,該活動在新建成的沃德村維多利亞公園舉行。該活動籌集了超過190,000美元,估計參加人數為3,000至4,000人。寵物禁止派對活動是該組織歷史上規模最大的活動,特色是各種寵物零售攤販,遊戲,現場娛樂,當地美食,寵物才藝大賽和受歡迎的寵物服裝大賽!我們很高興看到整個晚上都有一大群人。



傑克·泰瑞爾公司(JACK TYRRELL&COMPANY)和瑞恩·巴克恩(RENEE BARKHORN)慈善基金會“情侶按摩”在夏威夷人類社會PETWALK PAINA 2018上
Gourmet Meal

傑克·泰瑞爾公司(Jack Tyrrell&Company)和雷尼·巴克霍恩慈善基金會(Rainee Barkhorn Charitable Foundation)很高興以“包裝領袖”贊助者的身份支持夏威夷人道協會的2018年PetWalk Paina!這是該活動在其新地點Ward Village的Kolowalu公園舉行的第一年。該活動包括在沃德村(Ward Village)散步,現場娛樂表演,當地美食和寵物服裝比賽!

活動期間,歡迎與會者在我們的傑克·泰瑞爾公司和雷尼·巴克霍恩慈善基金會贊助的帳篷中與他們的狗一起享受“情侶按摩”。我們最喜歡的女按摩師Barri Sarribay再一次提供按摩服務,同時對寵物進行了許多充滿愛意的擁抱和親吻。給我們的好朋友和客戶一個巨大的瑪哈洛,讓他們與您的寵物一起在享受偉大事業的同時享受按摩。


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