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Jack’s professional journey began as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), where he spent 8 years refining his expertise at a renowned Honolulu-based international CPA firm. This experience laid the foundation for his future endeavors. Over time, his work with a diverse clientele allowed him to develop a deep interest in the real estate industry.

Immediately following his tenure at the international CPA firm, Jack established his own successful CPA firm. Over the next two decades, he managed a dedicated team of 20 professionals. Throughout this period, Jack's leadership was exemplified as he served as the former president of The Hawai'i Society of CPAs.

Fueled by his passion for real estate, Jack made a pivotal decision to turn it into his next career move. In 2006, he established Jack Tyrrell & Company Inc. (JTC), specializing in the luxury real estate market. Leveraging his extensive background in accounting, Jack brings a unique perspective to the table while selling high-end luxury condominiums in sought-after locations like Kaka'ako, Ala Moana, and Waikiki.


As Principal Broker, Jack Tyrrell's dedication and prowess have resulted in extraordinary achievements. With over $700 million in sales, including over $200 million sold in Ward Village alone, his contributions to the real estate landscape are truly exceptional.

Recognizing a burgeoning demand for premium rental properties and professional property management services, JTC took an innovative step and expanded its operations to include a rental property management division in 2016. This expansion not only aligned with the market trends in Honolulu, but also solidified JTC's commitment to meeting the dynamic needs of its clients.


As he helps clients achieve their dreams and financial goals, Jack Tyrrell's name has become synonymous with trust, expertise, and unparalleled service in the industry. For Jack, it is not merely about transactions; it is about building meaningful relationships with those he serves. He understands the significance of his role in helping individuals and families navigate the real estate landscape, making their investment or home dreams a reality. This sense of responsibility drives him to deliver the highest level of service and expertise.


  • 自2006年成立公司以來,總銷售額超過5.5億美元。

  • Ward Village的銷售額超過1.5億美元。

  • 在2014年5月至12月之間為霍華德·休斯售出12套公寓(在所有外部經紀人中最高)之後,他有資格獲得特斯拉電動汽車,這是霍華德·休斯的最高獎項。

  • 檀香山房地產經紀人委員會城市事務委員會,2012年至今。


  • 自2009年以來,夏威夷商業雜誌(Hawaii Business Magazine),《房地產經紀人百強榜》入選

  • 2014和2015年沃德村最佳生產代理單位

  • 沃德村收入最高的生產代理商,Anaha

  • 庫拉尼外部銷售員獎

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